Multiscreen ID error screen

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Applies to: HMP350, HMP200, HMP130, HMP100

Multiscreen ID error screen

Starting with firmware 3.1.0, when publishing a multiscreen project on an HMP device that is not associated to a content area within the multiscreen project, that HMP is displaying an error screen having this text: "Multiscreen ID setup required". When this happens, you need to either associate the player to a content area from Elementi or configure the Multiscreen ID of that player to match a content area.

Note Notes:
  • If needed, it is possible to force displaying the full content by explicitly using "fullscreen" as Multiscreen ID on the HMP; this should be done with care to ensure that the HMP can actually display the entire content, because otherwise the HMP would enter into Safe mode.
  • For firmware lower than 3.1.0, the HMP which is not correctly configured, would try to display the full content or enter otherwise into Safe mode.
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