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jSignage UI library is a jSignage plugin used for creating user-interface interactions elements and nice effects. Some interactive widgets included into Elementi are based on this plugin.

jSignage.UI.js requires jSignage.js, thus it must be included in the document after that:

 <script xlink:href="http://download.spinetix.com/spxjslibs/jSignage.js"/>
 <script xlink:href="http://download.spinetix.com/spxjslibs/jSignage.UI.js"/>


This plugin extends the jSignage object, adding an jSignage.UI object property, having the following methods bound to it:

  • setTheme
    Sets the global jSignage theme parameters.
  • theme
    Gets the global jSignage theme parameters.
  • getTextStyle
    Builds a text area style object using text attributes from two style objects, otherwise default theme values.
  • mergeStyle
    Copies attributes from one style object into another.
  • getPointOnCircle
    Calculates a point on a circle, given a center point and a radius. The angle can be provided or randomly selected.
  • menu
    Creates an interactive vertical carousel.
  • tabs
    Creates an interactive horizontal carousel.
  • cursor
    Adds a cursor pointer.
  • feedback
    Creates an interactive smileys' carousel to get the user feedback.
  • fingerTouch
    Adds a finger animation to indicate that the screen is interactive.
  • menuClass
    Internal class implementing the "menu" method above.
  • tabsClass
    Internal class implementing the "tabs" method above.
  • feedbackClass
    Internal class implementing the "feedback" method above.
  • fingerTouchClass
    Internal class implementing the "fingerTouch" method above.
Note Note:
The internal class methods should not be called directly.


  • 2018-04 : Started the development of the jSignage.UI plugin.
  • 2018-06-01: Version 1.0.0, included within firmware 4.3.0 and firmware 3.4.0.
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