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This page contains error messages that are usually not included on other pages. The error messages are marked with Italic text and can contain variable strings (usually paths, addresses) marked with this construction: {Variable} (for instance {Source_File_Path}). Related error messages are also provided to better identify the occurrence of the error.

Error messages

Interaction with HMP devices

Error while listing collection

  • This error is caused by a failed PROPFIND command - that's why the extended error message starts with PROPFIND error. Related errors:
    • Unknown Network Error, Command: PropFind on '/' -> 0: Could not read status line, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host, Could not connect to server, The storage control block address is invalid - this is a known issue (#2546) of firmware 2.2.4, that was fixed in 2.2.5.
    • Server or proxy hostname lookup failed, Could not resolve hostname {Host_Name}, No such host is known - this appears when trying to open an unreachable device (marked with a red cross) in HMD. See the HMD devices view page for more details.
    • 502 Proxy Error (The host was not found) - if the extended error message refers to a proxy error, then see the Proxy settings page for more details.

Error while copying files

  • The source host or the source file in no longer available. It could also follow the above error. Related errors: Copy of {Source_File_Path} failed, Unknown Network Error, Command PUT on {Destination_File_Path} ->0: Could not send request body, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

JavaScript errors

out of memory, out of memory: at {Project_Path}

  • These errors might appear due to a rare combination of factors when there's not enough memory for the JavaScript machine or there is a leak inside the JavaScript code. This leaves the JavaScript machine in an indefinite state, which could lead to other unusual errors, for instance ReferenceError: parseInt is not defined or ReferenceError: Date is not defined.
  • Closing and reopening the HMD should fix this.
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