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This page is about the HMD playlist feature.

The HMD playlist is a sequence of media items (images, videos, animations, texts) displayed one after the other, with or without a transition between them and / or a inter-slide delay. The playlist is set by default to loop continuously, but this and other parameters can be changed from the playlist properties.

More details

The HMD playlist feature is fully described in the section "Playlist template" from the HMD User Manual.

Get the playlist duration

To get the Playlist total duration, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Playlist properties tab and ensure that the "Max Slide Duration" and "Default Slide Duration" properties are set to values bigger than 0. (the default values are 3600s and respectively, 5s)
  2. If the Playlist is set to loop, then set the "Enable Looping" property to "off".
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Go to the SVG document including the Playlist and set the Playlist layer to not repeat (e.g. disable the Repeat property).
  5. Press the OK button. The Playlist total duration will be directly displayed on the layer, under the mime type.

Note that if the Playlist layer had previously a fixed duration, that will not be overwritten, thus any duration-related changes will not be reflected in the the layer duration. To avoid this, simply re-import the same Playlist over the current layer.

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