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A Fusion Playlist is a sequence of images and / or videos defined by the user, that are displayed one after the other, with or without a transition effect applied between them. The Fusion playlist can be included into Fusion Programs and Fusion Slides.

Playlists management

Manage Playlists

Fusion Playlists are handled from Playlists section, accessible by clicking on the item with the same name from the top menu. This opens the "Manage Playlists" page from which you can:

  • Create Playlist - requires at least "Creator" role;
  • Edit existing Playlist - requires at least "Editor" role;
  • Delete existing playlist - requires at least "Creator" role;

Playlist creation

To create a Playlist within Fusion, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Playlists menu.
  2. Press the New button. This opens a new page.
  3. Set the default duration for the entire Playlist. This acts as a minimum duration for any new item added to the Playlist.
  4. Drag & drop images and / or videos from the tab(s) available on the right-side pane, into the Playlist at the desired position.
    • You can also use the left-arrow button next to the media item to place it at the end of the Playlist.
  5. To change the default Playlist settings, click on the "Settings" button and set the Playlist transition and options. Once done, click on the "Apply" button to return to Playlist window.
  6. If needed, change the duration of a particular item from the Playlist or its order (with the up / down icons or the drag & drop functionality).
  7. Once done, click on the "Save" button.
  8. Enter a name (maximum 20 characters) for the Playlist in the "New Playlist" pop-up and then click on the "Save" button.

Playlist editing

Editing a Playlist

To modify an existing Playlist, follow these steps:

  1. Click on FusionEditIcon.gif (the "Edit" button) corresponding to the Playlist you want to modify. This opens a new page.
  2. Edit the Playlist details. (See Playlist creation section above.)
  3. Once done, click on the "Save" button to record the changes or the "Copy" button to save the modified Playlist under a different name.

Playlist settings

Playlist Settings

To control the transition settings and other Playlist options, press the "Settings" button when creating / editing a Playlist.


  • Intermediate Duration
    Enter the duration between two consecutive items of the Playlist.
  • Duration
    Enter the duration of the transition effect, if any is set.
  • Type
    Select the type of transition between: "No Transitions", "Fade", "Crossfade", "Slide", "Push", "Wipe", "Cube", "Page", "Flip", "Zoom", and "Random".
    For "Slide", "Push", "Wipe" effects, select the direction as well.


  • Shuffle
    Enable or disable shuffling the Playlist.
  • Media Fit
    Select how the media is fit inside the space allocated to the Playlist; available options are: "Keep Aspect Ration", "Cut Media" and "Zoom Media".
  • Proof of Play
    Enable or disable the prof of play feature for the Playlist items.

Playlist deletion

To delete an existing Playlist, click on FusionDelIcon.gif (the "Delete" button) corresponding to the Playlist you want to delete.

Note Note: Deleting a Playlist doesn't remove that Playlist from the Program(s) where the Playlist was included, therefore it's recommended to first edit the Program(s) and then delete the actual Playlist.

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