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The e3532 is an H264 HD encoder. See the Exterity website for detailed specifications.


This walkthrough sets up the e3532 for HD encoding at 10mbps.


  • Exterity encoder (tested with software version 1.3.1)
  • HMP200 (tested with firmware 2.2.3)
  • Standard 100mbps network switch
  • Full HD HDMI video source without HDCP (capable of outputting 1080p 24/25Hz) (for testing purposes, a second HMP200 can be used as a source)


  1. Configure an independent network between the HMP and the e3532. In this walkthrough the 192.168.1.XXX range is used. Other devices present on the network may affect stream performance; always test with an isolated network first.
    Exterity network.png
  2. Connect your source device to the encoder via the HDMI input. The source being used should provide a 24, 25 or 25Hz output. This walkthrough assumes 24Hz. (The HMP200 is capable of H264 encoding up to Level 4)
  3. Open the Input page of the Exterity web interface, and check that settings are as follows
    Exterity3 input.png
  4. Open the 'Status page and verify that the correct signal is being detected
  5. Next, open the Encoding page, configure the settings as below and press Apply
    Exterity3 encoding.png Warning: Changing the bit rate while the HMP is playing back the stream will require a reboot of the HMP
  6. On the Stream page, configure an RTP unicast stream and press Apply
    Exterity3 stream.png
    (The IP address shown is in the range of local administrative multicast IPs. you may configure a different multicast address)
  7. Press Start and then View to check in your browser that the stream is running.
  8. Open HMD and create a new project. Open index.svg.
  9. Right-click the properties pane and create a new Media Item. Set the URI as rtp:// Make this layer full screen.
  10. Verify that the stream plays in HMD, and publish your project to an HMP200. Ensure that the HMP200 is configured for full 1080p output to take advantage of maximum video quality.
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