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Axis Q7401 is an H.264 video encoder that can deliver multiple, individually configurable video streams simultaneously at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 in NTSC, 720x576 in PAL) over RTSP. Motion JPEG is also supported

Note Note:
For detailed specifications and documentation download, see Q7401 product on the Axis website. Discontinued product. Recommended replacement: AXIS P7304.


  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Total duration: 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Requirements:
    • Axis encoder (tested with firmware version 5.01);
    • SD source with composite video and analogue audio output, such as an analog PTZ camera.
    • Standard 100mbps network switch;
    • HMP130 or greater (tested with firmware 2.2);

To configure the Q7401 device for SD encoding at 2.5 MBit/s, follow these steps:

  1. Configure an independent network between the HMP and the Q7401 device.
    • Other devices present on the network may affect the streaming; always test with an isolated network first!
    • In this tutorial the 192.168.2.XXX range is used.
  2. Customize the date and time settings to your region.
  3. In the "Video Stream" section, configure a 4CIF resolution at 30 fps.
  4. On the "H264 tab" (skip audio tab) set a constant bitrate of 2560 kbit/s.
  5. In "Audio Settings", configure audio as below.
  6. Open "Video Stream" again and enable audio on the "Audio" tab.
  7. Open the "Users" page (System Options > Security > Users) and ensure that "Enable anonymous viewer login" is enabled.
  8. Open "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" page (System Options > Network > TCP/IP > Advanced) and configure as below. Ensure that "enable RTSP server" (last option) is enabled.

  9. Finally, to display streaming media content on the HMP, use this address: rtsp:// .
Note Note:
Other Axis devices may have similar setup instructions as given in this guide, but the media URI can be in the form rtsp://{Axis_IP}/mpeg4/media.amp .
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