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This page is related to the HMP Control Center interface present on HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices. For newer player models, see User manager tool page.

Security page

Security page

The access to the HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices can be protected by passwords configurable on the "Security" page of Control Center.

HMP offers three levels of security (with fixed usernames), as following:

  1. Administrative access
    • This controls the access to the HMP internal HTTP server (Control Center, Fusion) running on port 80.
    • The username is set to "admin" and this cannot be changed.
    • By default this is not password-protected and you are strongly advised to protect this area by setting a (good) password.
    • If you forget the password, you need to reset the HMP to factory default settings using the device blue button.
  2. Content access
    • This controls the access to the content area of the HMP and the internal WebDAV content server running on port 81.
    • The username for content access is set to "content" and cannot be changed.
    • The password you set here is required when trying to access the content of the player (from Elementi / HMD, Fusion or direct HTTP link) or to publish / upload content on the HMP.
  3. Monitoring access
    • Controls the access to the info page, snapshot and logs of the HMP.
    • The username for monitoring access is set to "monitoring" and cannot be changed.
    • If you set a password here, you will not be able to use the snapshot feature of HMD.
Note Note:
If you have multiple HMPs and you want to set / change their passwords in a centralized manner and not manually from Control Center - for instance to set a new password for all the HMPs every 30 days - you can use the RPC set_password feature of the player.
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