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Added in firmware release 3.0.0, the "publish_screen" feature is useful for controlling what the HMP is displaying on the screen during a publish action (either publishing from Elementi or using Pull mode) which takes a significant amount of time and which could potentially lead to nothing being displayed on the screen (i.e. black screen).

  • For instance, if a video being played is no longer present in the new project, it will be removed from the storage sometime during publishing, thus the player will stop displaying it when that happens.

To avoid the black screen, the project being published should contain either an image named publish_screen.png or a layout named publish_screen.

  • If the former or both are present within the project, the publish_screen.png image is displayed until the publish action is complete.
  • Otherwise, if there is a "publish_screen" folder, the HMP will do the following:
    1. Download the content of the "publish_screen" folder (including any sub-folders) before any other file.
    2. Look for an index.svg file inside the folder and start displaying it on the screen.
    3. Continue downloading the rest of folders and files (ending with the main index.svg).
    4. Start displaying the main index.svg once the publishing action is complete.
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