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Feed Test dialog

To test the data source configuration of a data-driven widget, click the "Test..." button within the "Data Properties" dialog - the results are shown in the "Feed Test" dialog.

"Feed Test" dialog in Elementi 2015

The usual tabs that are shown within the "Feed Test" dialog are:

  • Source (n bytes)
    If present, this tab displays the raw data as retrieved from the data source.
  • Parser (n rows)
    This tab shows the results returned by the main parser, the resulted data being arranged in a table-like format, with columns and rows. The column names are used as data placeholders with the widget layout. For instance to display the content of the column called "title", use [[title]] when editing the layout.
Note Notes:
  • In case an "Operation Failed" error is displayed instead of the actual data and the widget is included into a playlist, open only the widget from Browse panel and try again. If the error persists, try to increase the widget duration so that it will not loop too fast.
  • For Elementi X users, the "Data Feed Properties" dialog offers advanced options for more complex data processing - depending on the additional parser and formatting options applied, more tabs could be displayed within the "Feed Test" dialog. For instance, when applying a "Date/Time" parser on a column named "date", a third tab is added - "Date/Time on 'date' (n rows)"; applying a sorting option, also generates an additional tab, "Sort".
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