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This page is about date & time configuration on the HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100. For newer models, see the System and Advanced Applications pages. For the "Date Time" widget, see the Clock widgets page.


From the "Date/Time" page of HMP Control Center you can configure the time zone and what the HMP should use as time source (i.e. its internal clock or an NTP server). You can also find the NTP Statistics referring to the time sources used by the HMP.

There are three tabs available on this page: Time Zone, Time Sources and NTP Statistics.

Time Zone

Control Center - Time Zone

The "Time Zone" tab displays:

  • The current local time and time zone of the HMP. The offset to GMT is updated according to the latest daylight saving information of the time zone.
  • Two select boxes from which you can change time zone for the device. The first one contains general geographical zones (continents), plus the "GMT Offset". The second one is populated according to the selection from the first box.
    • Selecting a correct time zone is important when displaying clocks or using schedules on the HMP.
    • By default, the HMP is configured with the Zürich time zone.

Time Sources

Control Center - Time Sources

To maintain the time, the HMP can be configured to use either:

  1. Its internal clock - the date and time is manually entered under Manual Time Settings.
    • Once set, the HMP will use its internal quartz crystal to maintain the time. Nevertheless, the time of the HMP might very slowly drift apart from the real time - to fix this drift, the HMP needs to contact an NTP server (at least from time to time).
  2. NTP server(s).
    • By default, the HMP comes configured with a list of public NTP servers from These are fine for regular projects, however, a better accuracy is necessary in the case of running synchronized content.

Note Note: An HMP is an NTP server itself and therefore its IP address can be used as NTP server for other HMPs, especially for the case of running synchronized content - see how to use an HMP as NTP server. The "Monitor only" and the "Pause device at startup to wait for NTP servers by" are advanced options needed in this case.

NTP Statistics

Control Center - NTP Statistics

See the NTP statistics page for more details.

This tab displays the NTP statistics and information about the internal clock calibration.

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