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Calendar panel

The Calendar panel appears on the right part of the Elementi GUI when an Elementi schedule or any other calendar file (.ics) is opened within Elementi. From here, you can add, edit or remove events.

To make it easy to manage the events included into that file, the calendar panel features three different views: Day (default view), Week and Month. Different priorities and colors can be assigned to events, as well as simple or complex recurrence rules.

Calendar views

The Calendar panel features three different views:

  • Day view (default view)
    Displays the events scheduled for the selected day, according to their duration.
    You can also zoom into the day and see only 12 or 6 hours instead - for that right-click within the calendar panel and select "Zoom In" (or "Zoom out" to get increase the period).
  • Week view
    Displays the events scheduled each day, according to their duration, for the selected week.
  • Month view
    Displays the events scheduled each day for the selected month. The event duration is not considered and only the first 9 events are shown in this view due to limited space available.
Note Note:
When working with very short events (the minimum duration is one minute), you can either zoom into the "Day" view and reduce the period to 12 or 6 hours, instead of 24 hours, or change to "Month" view, where the events are listed per day without taking into account their duration.

Events management

Event creation

The simplest way to create an event is to drag & drop a media (file) from the Browse panel into the Calendar panel.

  • If the media is dropped on top of an existing event, it will replace the old content of the event.
  • When a new event is created, its duration is automatically set to 1 hour.

To manually create an event, right-click within the calendar area and select the "Schedule media" option. Alternatively, you can use the "Schedule media" button on the right side of the toolbar. This opens the "Schedule Media" dialog which allows setting the event properties.

Event properties

Schedule Media dialog
  • URI
    This could be either a relative address to the calendar location (e.g., menus/menu.svg) or a http(s) address if the media is stored remotely. This property is displayed on the event within "Day" view.
  • Title, Description and Location
    Optional event fields for information purposes. The event tile is displayed on all views, the description only on the "Day" view and location in not displayed at all.
  • From, To
    The start and end date & time information for the event.
  • Recurrence
    The event recurrence rule. Default: "Do not repeat".
    Creating a recurrence rule can be cumbersome, so some common recurrence rules can be selected from the drop-down box (e.g., every 15 or 30 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), along with the days of the week when this rule should be applied.
    To create complex recurrence rule, use the "Custom..." button. This opens the "Custom Recurrence Rules" dialog.
  • Priority
    The event priority between 1 (the highest) and 99 (the lowest). Default: 5.
    In case of events overlapping, the event with the highest priority is selected. If the priority is the same for more events, the rules to decide which event is selected are more complicated.
  • Time Zone
    The event time zone. Default: "Local time".

Event editing

To edit an existing event, double-click on the event entry within the Calendar panel to bring out the Schedule Media dialog.

  • If the even duration is very small (e.g., one minute), this might not be so easy within the default "Day" view. In this case, either use the "Zoom In" feature or change the view to "Month" view.

If you just want to change the position of the event within the calendar, then do one of the following actions:

  • Move the cursor to the top of the event area and use drag & drop to change its begin time.
  • Move the cursor to the bottom of the event area and use drag & drop to change its end time.
  • Move the cursor to the center of the event area and use drag & drop to move it without changing its duration.

Event removal

To remove an existing event, right-click on the event entry within the Calendar panel and select "Delete" option. Alternatively, you can simply select the event and press the "Delete" key.

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