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This article refers to animations created in SVG. Animated GIFs are also supported.

Animation support

The SpinetiX platform supports all SVG 1.2 Tiny animations, nevertheless, the rendering engine is optimized for animations that are most commonly used in digital signage:

  • Animation of position (animateTransform type=translate);
  • Animation of clipping path;
  • Animation of opacity;
  • Animation of jpeg, png or video elements (rotation, scaling, translation, opacity).

Examples of animations which are not optimised and might show performance degradation:

  • Animations of colour;
  • Animation of rotation.

For large and / or complex animations, we recommend using video files instead.

Creating animations

HMD & Elementi software don't offer the possibility to create animations from the user-interface, so you can either write the code (SVG, JavaScript) for the animation or import the animations from applications that are able to export to SVG (e.g., Inkscape, Adobe Ilustrator etc.).

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