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  • Category: Peripherals
  • Author: SpinetiX S.A.
  • License: GPL Version 3
  • Target: Elementi / HMD


This is a sample project for triggering the power saving mode of the screen outside the working hours - meaning that the screen will be ON during the normal working hours (8AM - 6PM / Mo - Fr) and OFF otherwise (including the weekend).

If you want to use your existing project and include this functionality, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Import twice the power.svg file (available as Elementi widget or HMD template) into your project. Set one to send the "PowerOn" command and the other to send the "PowerOff" command.
  2. Add a schedule (ics file) to your project and open it.
  3. Create the "Power On" event in the schedule at the starting hour (i.e. 8AM) and set it to repeat from Monday to Friday, every week.
  4. Create the "Power Off" event in the schedule at the ending hour (i.e. 6PM) and set it to repeat from Monday to Friday, every week.
  5. Include the schedule inside your project.

After publishing the project on the player, open the Power Save page of HMP Control Center and ensure that the "Enable display power saving" option is on / enabled and that the "Use fixed schedule for display power" option is off / disabled.

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