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Adding formatting to text

  • Use multiple tspans to apply some formatting to selected portions of the text.
  • The text attributes specified on a tspan override or complete the text attributes set on the textArea.
  • The .tspan() methods returns this, so it is possible to call it repeatdly on the same object as shown below.

Source code

var layer = $.textArea({
        left: 240,
        top: 60,
        width: 800,
        height: 600,
        frame: { frameColor: 'black', frameSize: 2 },
        fontFamily: 'Georgia',
        fontSize: 40
layer.text( $.tspan( 'This is some really ' ).tspan( 'cool', { fontStyle: 'italic', fontWeight: 'bold' } ).tspan( ' text.' ) );

layer.addTo( 'svg' );


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