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Image gallery

  • The table layer makes it very convenient to display tabular data as well as vertical or horizontal lists.
  • We'll look first at a simple table with media elements, arranged in a single row.

Source code

var scientists = [ 'Albert Einstein', 'Ernest Rutherford', 'Marie Curie', 'Max Planck', 'Niels Bohr', 'Robert Oppenheimer' ];

$.textArea({ height: '20%', fontSize: 40, fontWeight: 'bold', fill: 'black' }).text('Great atom scientists').addTo('svg');

        top: '20%',
        height: '40%',
        rows: 1,
        columns: 6,
        data: scientists,
        renderToSVG: function() {
          var uri = 'media/Atom_5_7/' + encodeURIComponent(this) + '.jpg';
          return $.image({ href: uri });


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