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Simple text bar

  • The text ticker is great for variable size text from external sources, but its legibility is poor.
  • The text bar provides for easy to read and less intrusive display of text, and more options in the formatting and transitions.
  • It handles variable size content by scrolling automatically up if the text does not fit on the number of lines specified.

Source code

var uri = 'http://download.spinetix.com/content/jSignage/tutorial/media/science.rss';

$.get( uri, function( rssFeed ) {
  // Parse the feed into an array of news items. Each one is an object with a title and a description property.
  // You can supply your own custom parse here if the data source is not RSS formatted.
  var rss = $.parseRSS( rssFeed );

    top: '80%',
    height: '20%',          
    frame: { backColor: '#0000FF', backOpacity: 0.5, padding: "0 0 16 16" },
    data: rss,
    lines: 2,
    textAlign: 'start',
    fill: 'white',
    renderToText: function() {
      return this.title;
    repeatCount: 'indefinite'
}, 'text' );


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