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Simple playlist with three images

  • Basic playlist with hard-coded list of medias:
    • defaultDur sets the duration for the images
    • defaultTransition sets the transition
    • repeatCount attribute of 'indefinite' makes the playlist loop
  • The playlist has a duration of 9s and repeats indefinitely.

Source code

  left: 240,
  top: 60,
  width: 800,
  height: 600,
  data: [ 'media/Monet_4_3/1.jpg', 'media/Monet_4_3/2.jpg', 'media/Monet_4_3/3.jpg' ],
  defaultDur: 3,
  defaultTransition: $.crossFade(),
  repeatCount: 'indefinite'
}).addTo( 'svg' );


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