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This page is related to JSignage:Tutorials.


Advanced decoration attributes

  • Advanced decoration effects are also available for medias.
  • The 'shadow' attribute adds a shadow around the media border.
  • The 'softEdge' attribute enabled soft edges, whose size is controlled by softEdgeSize.

Source code


          left: 120,
          top: 30,
          width: 400,
          height: 300,
          frame: { frameColor: 'white', frameSize: '5%', shadow: true },
          href: 'media/Monet_4_3/mini/2.jpg'

          left: 760,
          top: 30,
          width: 400,
          height: 300,
          frame: { boxShadow: '10px 10px 5px #808080' },
          href: 'media/Monet_4_3/mini/3.jpg'



The preview might not work in Firefox due to lack of support for feImage.

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