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Discontinued product. Replaced by WV-SFN310A.


The WV-SF336 is an camera and IP streamer capable of 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. See the Panasonic website for detailed specifications.


This walkthrough sets up the WV-SF336 for HD streaming via Unicast RTSP at 8mbps.


  • Panasonic IP camera (tested with application firmware version 1.30, image data version 1.05)
  • HMP200 (tested with firmware 2.2.3).
    The camera outputs H.264 stream, High profile, level 4 and is thus not compatible with the HMP100/HMP130.
  • Standard 100mbps network switch


  1. Connect your PC, HMP and Panasonic camera to the switch
  2. Open the web interface of your camera (the IP address can be found the first time using the EasyIpSetup from Panasonic, included on the setup CD)
  3. Login using the default username and password "admin" and "12345"
  4. Check your camera is streaming via the Live View of the web interface, then click Setup
  5. Open the Network page of the setup interface.
  6. Configure an independent network between the HMP and the WV-SF336. In this walkthrough the 192.168.1.XXX range is used. Other devices present on the network may affect stream performance; always test with an isolated network first. Remember that after configuring the network you may need to re-configure your PCs network settings accordingly
  7. Open the Image/Audio page of the interface and configure settings as below:
    • Ensure that the second stream (labelled "H264 (2)" is disabled by setting Transmission to "Off"
  8. In the User Management page ("User mng"), add the IP address of your HMP as "Live only" access level:
  9. Open HMD and create a new project. Open index.svg.
  10. Right-click the properties pane and create a new Media Item. Set the URI as rtsp:// Make this layer full screen.
  11. Verify that the stream plays in HMD, and publish your project.
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