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The EV3151A is a SD encoder capable of SD(D1) resolution at up to 25 frames per second. See the Etrovision website for detailed specifications


This walkthrough sets up the EV3151A for SD MPEG-4 streaming via RTP+RTSP at 5mbps.


  • Etrovision Encoder (tested with firmware version 2.0.0 Build 20110121) set to factory defaults.
  • HMP100 (tested with firmware 2.2.3).
  • Standard 100mbps network switch


  1. Connect your PC, HMP and Etrovision encoder to to the switch.
  2. Open the web interface of the EV3151A (factory default IP address is
  3. Login using the default username and password "root" and "pass"
  4. Click the setup icon in the top right hand corner of the page Etrovision setup icon.png
  5. Open the Network page of the configuration interface and configure an independent network between the HMP and the EV3151A. In this walkthrough the 192.168.2.XXX range is used. Other devices present on the network may affect stream performance; always test with an isolated network first. Remember that after configuring the network you may need to re-configure your PCs network settings accordingly
    Etrovision network.png
  6. Open the Video page of the interface and configure settings as below. Note that MPEG4 is preferred when using the HMP100/HMP130 as it is optimised; if using an HMP200 you should choose H264.
    Etrovision video1.png
  7. Remember to Click "OK" at the bottom of the window to save any settings changes. The device may reboot.
  8. Open the second tab of the Video page ("Stream 2") and ensure that the second stream is disabled.
    Etrovision video2.png
  9. Leave all other settings as factory defaults.
  10. Open HMD and create a new project. Open index.svg.
  11. Right-click the properties pane and create a new Media Item. Set the URI as rtsp:// Make this layer full screen.
  12. Verify that the stream plays in HMD, and publish your project.
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