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To benefit of the services offered by Cockpit web portal, you need to have a Cockpit account first. Creating a Cockpit account is free, opened to anybody, and takes only few minutes.

Signing up

Terms and Conditions

To sign up for a Cockpit account, follow these steps:

  1. Open within your browser.
  2. Enter your email address (and confirm it).
  3. Enter your desired password (and confirm it).
  4. Click the "Sign up" button.

A confirmation email is sent to the provided email address with a link to the Terms and Conditions. After clicking on the "Accept" button, you can log into Cockpit and start monitoring your players or register your Elementi licenses.

Note Note: If you are a SpinetiX dealer, you should contact your SpinetiX distributor to received a pairing code.

Account types

Dealer account

This is the default account type assigned to any new Cockpit user, and allows to:

It is recommended that you contact your local distributor to obtain a pairing code. After completing the pairing with the distributor, you can also:

Viewer account

See Cockpit:Viewers page for more details.

This is an account, usually created by a dealer, that allows to :

Distributor account

This is a privileged account, reserved for SpinetiX distributors, with further more rights than the dealer account. A distributor can offer pairing codes to dealers, manage requests for monitoring licenses, Update Plan extensions, and support.

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