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The standard voltage of PoE will irreparably damage your Player and void the warranty.
If required, use a PoE splitter which allows manual selection of voltage.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a standardized method of providing DC power over the unused wires in Cat5 cabling. It is commonly used for devices such as Wireless Access Points to avoid the need for a local power supply. As the HMP is almost always combined with a screen which requires a local power source, PoE usefulness with the HMP is limited, so it is not natively supported.

Using a PoE splitter

You can employ a separate PoE splitter which sits between the network cable and the player and transfers the power onto a standard DC jack which is plugged into the player.

The PoE splitter must meet these specifications:

  • Polarity: Center pin positive Polarity.png

Such PoE splitter products can be found on Internet - like for instance this Level One POS-3000 PoE Splitter (however this product remains untested by SpinetiX).

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