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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a standardized method of providing DC power over the unused wires in Cat5/6 cabling. It is commonly used to avoid the need for an external power supply. The support for PoE on the SpinetiX players is summarized below.

SpinetiX players 4th generation.jpg
These players can be powered over Ethernet (PoE+ / 802.3at).
SpinetiX players 3rd generation.jpg
These players do not support PoE - see below for an alternative.
SpinetiX players HMP200 130 100.jpg
These players do not support PoE - see below for an alternative.
Note Note:
A standards' compliant PoE switch will check for a resistive signature to determine if the equipment at the other end supports PoE before initiating the power sequence.
Note Warning:
Be aware of devices called “PoE injectors”, most of which are of the non-standard “passive” injector kind, that do not check if the equipment connected to it actually supports PoE and therefore have the potential to create damage on a player that does not support PoE. Such damage will void the player's warranty.

PoE splitter

If you need to use PoE with players other than HMP400/W, which don't have support for it, you can employ a separate PoE splitter, which sits between the network cable and the player, and transfers the power onto a standard DC jack which is plugged into the player.

The PoE splitter must meet these specifications:

PoE splitter products can be found on Internet, such as this one: Level One POS-3000 PoE Splitter (this product has not been tested by SpinetiX).

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