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This page is related to content creation tool present on DiVA, HMP350, and HMP300 devices. For Elementi feature, see Elementi Playlist page.


The Playlist page allows the user to create new Playlists or modify existing Playlists.

A Playlist can combine images, videos and/or Playouts, and can be displayed full-screen using the content scheduling tool.

To get familiar with the content playlist, see the how to section or watch the video tutorial below.



The user can reach this page either after creating a new Playlist or by clicking on an existing Playlist in the Create page.

The page is composed of the following elements:

  1. Top bar menu
  2. Playlist view
    The Playlist view let the user see and modify the assets used in the Playlist. Users can:
    • Drag and drop media or Playouts from the asset selection view (#3).
    • Change the order of the assets using drag and drop.
    • Remove an asset from the Playlist using the cross icon.
    • Change the properties of the Playlist assets using the gear icons.
      Duration of the selected assets (note that for video the duration of the video is automatically used)
      Start and End display time. Asset will not be considered as part of the Playlist if the current time is before the start date or after the end date.
  3. Assets view
    Display all available assets to be used in the Playlist.
    It is possible to drag and drop any asset from the media view to the Playlist view(#2) to add it to the Playlist.
    It is also possible to import media from explorer either using drag and drop of the "Upload Media" button (#4)
  4. Actions buttons
    The following actions are possible:
    • Upload new media. The uploaded media will be added to the the Playlist and the the assets view (#3)
    • Setup: This button let the user change properties of the Playlist such as default duration, name and keywords.
    • Copy: This button creates a new Playlist as a copy of the current Playlist. The original Playlist will not be modified.
    • Save: This button save the current Playlist. It is only visible if something has been modified.
  5. Help button
    The help button is available on all pages and provide an inline help on all the functionality of the page.

How to

Add an asset to the Playlist

  1. Select the asset using the asset view.
    Images, Video and Playouts can be selected.
  2. Drag and drop the asset the the playlist view.
    The item is added at the dropped position. Drop it on the blue icon to add it at the end of the playlist.
  3. Move the item inside the playlist.
    By default, the playlist default duration is set for images and Playouts - videos keep their duration.
  4. Click on the gear icon to change the display duration of the item and / or add display validity period for that item.

Note Notes:
  • A display validity period can be set by picking a start date and / or an end date; the time for both dates is implicitly set at 00:00:00 and cannot be changed.
  • When a display validity period is set, the playlist item is displayed only if the current date is greater or equal to the start date and (strictly) less then the end date, otherwise it is skipped.

Add a new media to the Playlist

  1. Open Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (MAC), and select the file(s) to be added
  2. Drag and drop the media directly onto the the playlist view
    The media will be automatically added at the end of the playlist and in the list of available assets.
  3. Move the item inside the playlist

Note Note: You can also use the "Upload Media" button.

Change the default duration

  1. Click on the "Setup" button
  2. Change the default duration using "30s", "30m" or "2h" for instance.
  3. Click on the "Setup" button again to remove the menu.

Video tutorial

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