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SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite, commonly used for corporate intranets, extranets and file sharing.

  • SharePoint provides various application programming interfaces (APIs: client-side, server-side, JavaScript) and REST, SOAP and OData based interfaces.
  • SharePoint is most commonly implemented with Integrated Windows Authentication, which is not supported by the HMP, nevertheless SharePoint can also use Basic or Digest authentication, which are compatible.
  • SharePoint supports RSS for lists and WebDAV for Document Libraries, which in principle allows content to be pulled by an HMP.
    • You can obtain the WebDAV URI for a Document library by clicking 'Tools' > 'Show in Explorer View' in any Document Library. The address that opens is the WebDAV address, which can be used by the HMP to pull content.
  • Database
    SharePoint is based on SQL server. The HMP cannot execute queries directly on the SQL server, thus you can either export the required information as XML or use a web service that runs queries on the SQL database and returns the result to the HMP using one of the data feeds supported formats (e.g., CSV, JSON, XML etc.).
Note Note:
Starting with Elementi 2018, SharePoint lists can be displayed with the built-in spreadsheet widgets.
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