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For Elementi, see the HTML table widget.


  • Category: Data feeds
  • Author: SpinetiX S.A.
  • License: GPL Version 3
  • Target: HMD


This is a sample-project that demonstrates the use of a custom parser (html_table_parser.js) within a news template (news.svg) to display the data from a table included into an HTML page (sample.html).

  • The data returned by the custom parser is displayed within the news template using [SPX] placeholders named as: [SPX][c1], [SPX][c2], [SPX][c3] etc.
  • Only the first table from the HTML page is retrieved.
  • The parser cannot interpret data spanning over multiple columns or rows as in the original table.
  • It can be used as-is with some data feeds (e.g. some train or flight times which are not in XML) but will likely need further customization if pulling a table embedded within a complex page is necessary.
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