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jSignage Custom Effects library is a jSignage plugin used for implementing effects that are not provided "out of the box" by jSignage. The animated playlist widgets included into Elementi are using this plugin. See also how to create new effects with jSignage.

jSignage.CustomEffects.js requires jSignage.js, thus it must be included in the document after that:

 <script xlink:href="http://download.spinetix.com/spxjslibs/jSignage.js"/>
 <script xlink:href="http://download.spinetix.com/spxjslibs/jSignage.CustomEffects.js"/>


This plugin extends the jSignage object, adding an jSignage.CustomEffects object property, having the following methods bound to it:

  • KenBurns
    Applies a Ken Burns effect on the layer provided as input, which is a type of panning and zooming effect usually used in video production from still imagery.
    Starting with firmware 4.6.1, the effect is multiscreen-safe.


  • 2017-01 : Started the development of the jSignage.CustomEffects plugin.
  • 2017-04-25: Version 1.0.0, included within firmware 4.2.0.
  • 2020-10-05: Version 1.1.0, included within the release 4.6.1.
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