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Apps Ticker

The Apps Tickeris used to display animated text within a zone

  • Type your text, without length limitation
  • Best results guarantee
  • Automatic text size adjustment
  • Text bar and ticker animations
  • Customizable font type, color and padding
  • Background color and transparency supported



The Apps Ticker can be used to display text of any length.

  • Enter the text in the properties panel.
    The text will be automatically updated in the preview.

If a scrolling ticker is used to display the text, each line of entered text will be separated by the configured padding.

If a text bar is used, and the number of entered line is bigger than the configured number of line, a scrolling effect will be used.


Configuring - text bar
Configuring - ticker

The Apps can be freely positioned anywhere in the Playout as long as it does not overlap other Apps.

The Apps has the following configurations parameters

  • Type
    Two type of apps can be used
    • Text bar: the message will be displayed on a given number of lines, with eventual scrolling.
    • Ticker: the message is displayed as a scrolling ticker
  • Direction (ticker only)
    Scrolling direction of the ticker
  • Speed (ticker only)
    Speed of the ticker
  • Padding (ticker only)
    Space between 2 messages
  • Number of line (text bar only)
    Number of line to display the message. If the message cannot be displayed using these number of line, it will scroll.
  • Duration per line (text bar only)
    How long each line should be displayed
  • Text
    Text to be displayed. This is the same text as the one shown in properties.
  • Color
    Color of the text message
  • Font
    Font used to display the message. Only built-in fonts can be used.
  • Background
    Color of the background
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