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Apps Text

The Apps Text is used to display text to welcome or simply inform

  • Straightforward interface to type and modify your text
  • Best results guarantee
  • Automatic text fit with max. font size
  • Customizable font type, color and text transparency
  • Customizable background color and transparency



The Apps Text can be used to display text of any length.

  • Enter the text in the properties panel.
    The text will be automatically updated in the preview.

There may be small differences in the automatic detection of the line ends between the preview and the text displayed by the player is some rare cases. Manually enter the position of the end of line in case of doubts.



The Apps can be freely positioned anywhere in the Playout as long as it does not overlap other Apps.

The Apps has the following configurations parameters

  • Text
    Text to be displayed. This is the same text as the one shown in properties.
  • Color
    Color of the text message
  • Font
    Font used to display the text. Only built-in fonts can be used.
  • Size
    Size of the text.
  • Horizontal
    Horizontal alignment of the text.
  • Vertical
    Vertical alignment of the text.
  • Background
    Color of the background
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