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  • Category: Playlists
  • Author: SpinetiX S.A.
  • License: GPL Version 3
  • Target: HMD


This is a project employing a PHP script which transforms the HMP into a simple media player that automatically plays the contents if a local folder in the project named "media". Any content supported by the player is supported, and this sample includes a video, SVG animation and still image.

  • The current revision of this project is 2.0 (following version numbering from before the Wiki was opened)
  • An advantage of this project is that any WebDAV client can be used to change the contents of the media folder; HMD is not required.
  • A base knowledge of PHP script language and SVG may be required to fully customize the project.
  • The script is written to work with a local folder. To use it with remote files, consider using a partial pull into just the "media" folder (see Pull mode for detail)
    • This is done using custom ICS file to schedule the Pull mode, and the option "-dest folder", as explained in the PDF documentation.
  • An alternative option is to use the jSignage version of the media player.
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