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This page is related to jSignage text layers.


jSignage.textArea( attributesObject )

Returns: jSignage Object


This jSignage basic layer type allows wrapping of simple or formatted text content within a given rectangular region.

$.textArea( ).text('Welcome to jSignage').addTo( 'svg' );

For reference, see the SVG documentation of the <textArea> element (SVG Tiny 1.2).



All jSignage layers share a common set of functions, such as .begin(), .end(), .show(), .hide(), .addTo(), etc. To add or replace the text content inside a text area, use the .text() method.


Simple text

Adding a simple textArea at the bottom of the document.

    $.textArea({ id: 'txt1', width: '90%', height: '15%', top: '80%', left: '5%', fontSize: 60})
     .text("Welcome to jSignage demo")

Text with background and frame

Adding a text with a white background and a black frame using frame decoration.

      id: 'txt1',
      width: '90%', height: '15%', top: '75%', left: '5%', fontSize: '60px',
      frame: {
        backColor: 'white',
        frameColor: 'black'
    }).text("Welcome to jSignage demo")

Formatted text

Adding a text area, with the sentence "Welcome to the jSignage API demo". The word "jSignage" is written in blue.

    $.textArea({ id: 'txt1', width: '90%', height: '15%', top: '85%', left: '5%', fontSize: '60px'})
     .text( $.tspan("Welcome to the ").tspan("jSignage", { fill: 'blue'} ).tspan(" API demo") )

New lines

Adding a text area with a list of items with bullets:

    $.textArea({ width:640, height:360, fontSize: '40px' }).text(
      $.tspan("* Item 1").tbreak()
       .tspan("* Item 2").tbreak()

Note that .text() and $.tspan() will automatically convert any new line character in the text to a call to $.tbreak(). The above example can be simplified by taking advantage of this:

    $.textArea({ width:640, height:360, fontSize: '40px' }).text( "* Item 1\n* Item 2\n" )

Automatic font size

Using the fontSize: 'max' option will ensure that the size of the text fits the height of the text area.

    $.textArea({ width: '90%', height: '15%', top: '15%', left: '5%', fontSize: 'max' })
     .text("Welcome to jSignage demo")

Note: If the text is too long to fit into the text box it will be truncated; to make sure that the entire text is visible, fitTextArea() should be used instead.

Using effects

Adding a text appearing using a random fly-in effect, and disappearing after 5 seconds using a page-out effect.

    $.textArea({ width: '90%', height: '15%', top: '75%', left: '5%', fontSize: '60px', dur: 5 })
     .text("Welcome to jSignage demo")


Draws some text and a red line underneath.

  $('svg').add( [
    $.textArea({ top: 30, left: 40, width: 1200, fontSize: '50px',  displayAlign: 'before', lineIncrement: 60 })
     .text("Welcome to jSignage demo"),
    $.line({ x1: 80, y1: 90, x2: 1200, y2: 90, stroke: 'red', strokeWidth: 2 })
  ] );


  • The line vertical position is set to 90 (y1: 90, y2: 90) as this is equal to the sum of the top position of the text (top: 30) and the line increment ( which correspond to the position of the baseline of the first line of text ).
  • The size of the line is constant regardless of the text size.

Advanced examples

Showing the time

Shows the current time. The SVGTimer is used to update the display every second.

function showTime() {
  var now = new Date();
  var hour = now.toTimeString().substr(0,8);
  $('#time').text( hour );
    $.textArea( { top: '30%', height: '40%', fontSize: 'max', id: 'time' } )
  $.setInterval( showTime, 1000 );


Create a timer counting down from 10 to 0.

var cnt = 10;

function timerText() {
  if ( cnt>0 ) {
    $('#timer').text( cnt-- );
    $.setTimeout( timerText, 1000 );
  } else {
    $('#timer').text( "Time out" ).attr( 'fill', 'red' );

    $.textArea( { 
            fontSize: '85px' 
        } )
            $.tspan( "Timer: " )
             .tspan( "", { id: 'timer' } ) 


  • The timer is a simple text element. The content of the tspan is modified using text().
  • The content of the first tspan is not modified.
  • The timer is created using the setTimeout function. The timeout is set to one second in the future.
  • When the timer expires (reach zero), the text is set to "Time out" and the color of the text is modified using the fill attribute.

Automatic underlying of text

The addTextWithUnderline() function creates a text area layer and then adds a red line underneath the text content.

 * Gets the bounding box of the text regardless of the layer's width and height.
 * @param {Object} elem The SVG Element to measure.
function getRealBBox( elem ) {
    var boundingBox,
        w = elem.getAttribute( 'width' ), 
        h = elem.getAttribute( 'height' );
    // change the element dimensions to auto
    elem.setAttribute( 'width', 'auto' );
    elem.setAttribute( 'height', 'auto' );
    // get the bounding box of the text
    boundingBox = elem.getBBox();
    // reset the element dimensions
    elem.setAttribute( 'width', w);
    elem.setAttribute( 'height', h);
    return boundingBox;
 * Creates a text area layer and then adds a red line underneath the text content.
 * @param {string} text
 * @param {number} left
 * @param {number} top
 * @param {number} width
 * @param {number} height
 * @param {string} fontSize
 * @param {number} margin The margin between the text and the line
 * @param {string} color The line color
function addTextWithUnderline( text, left, top, width, height, fontSize, margin, color ) {
    // create a text area layer with the text centered
    var txt = $.textArea( { 
        top: top, left: left, width: width, height: height, fontSize: fontSize 
    } ).text( text ).addTo('svg');  
    var boundingBox = getRealBBox( txt[0] );    // get the "real" dimensions of the text
    var padding = ( width - boundingBox.width ) / 2;    // set the horizontal padding
    var baseline = top + ( height + boundingBox.height ) / 2 + margin;
    // draw a line underneath the text
    $.line( { 
        x1: left + padding, 
        y1: baseline, 
        x2: left + width - padding, 
        y2: baseline, 
        stroke: color, 
        strokeWidth: 2 
    } ).addTo('svg'); 

// create two undelined text areas
addTextWithUnderline( 'Welcome', 40, 40, 250, 60, '50px', 5, 'blue' );
addTextWithUnderline( 'to jSignage demo', 80, 80, 500, 200, '50px', 15, 'red' );

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