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A mobile broadband modem, also known as 3G/4G modem, is a type of modem that allows a device (such as: laptop, personal computer, router, media player etc.) to receive Internet access via a mobile broadband connection.

Two types of mobile broadband modems are relevant for SpinetiX players:

  • 3G/4G router, which can be used with DiVA and all HMP models;
  • USB cellular modem, which can only be used with HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices.

3G/4G router

Applies to: HMP (all models), DiVA.

A 3G/4G router can be used to provide Internet access to HMP and DiVA players via a mobile broadband connection.

Many mobile broadband modems sold nowadays also have built-in routing capabilities and provide Ethernet networking interfaces, therefore an HMP or DiVA player can be connected via an Ethernet cable to the router to get Internet access.

Some 3G/4G routers require the use of an AC adapter, while others are portable and can also be powered by a USB connection or a built-in battery.

USB cellular modem

Applies to: HMP200, HMP130, HMP100

3G/4G USB cellular modems can be used to provide Internet access to HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices via a mobile broadband connection. Also called standalone mobile broadband modems, these USB devices are designed to be connected directly to one device via an USB port.

See USB cellular modem page for the full article.

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