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Applies to HMP400,HMP400W, HMP350, and legacy players.


Example of network interactivity

Interactivity via IP network refers to the HMP quality of reacting in a user-defined manner (i.e. reactive action), following the input received from external devices via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This means that the player can be "controlled" over the network from:

... and so on.


The Shared Variables's mechanism is used for this type of interactivity, since it includes a reactive component that triggers on-update events whenever the value of the Shared Variable is changed.

There are different ways to update a Shared Variable - you'll need to configure in HMP Control Center at least one of the following:

Note Note:
If you need faster reactivity from the HMP (but possibly at the expense of output quality), then see how to reduce the rendering latency (which has a direct influence over the player reactivity). See also when not to reduce the rendering latency.

How to create interactive content

You can easily create interactive content with Elementi built-in interactive widgets:

  • Action to Switch widget switches to displaying a different content when a designed Shared Variable is updated.
  • Click to Action & Key to Action widgets update a Shared Variable on another HMP following a click / key press event.
  • Media Playback widget changes the playing mode of a media when a designed Shared Variable is updated.

Data feed widgets can also be used to display the content of a Shared Variable as demonstrated within the Instant messaging project.


For advanced users / developers, some good resources for creating complex interactive content can be found on these pages:

See also

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